Title: Touch of Forever
Author: April H  knghtmar44@sbcglobal.net
Fandom: The Sentinel
Category: Drama, sexual content, series
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Moonridge Year: 2006
Who won the story: Terry Shrader
Series: 3rd in my 'Sentinel Senses' series
Warnings: m/m, nothing too extreme

Notes: I want to thank my two betas, Dark Cherry and Susan Field, both whom I count as good friends.  Their suggestions made this story so much better.  Any mistakes are mine as I always fiddle with a piece after having someone look through it.

Sequel: Yes, to Ricochet of Sounds (takes place one week later)

This is my Moonridge story for this year's auction.  It took longer than expected to finish as I had a computer basically blow up.  I want to publicly thanks Terry Shrader for her patience through all that.